The RUB D1 is similar to H1 housing 1 RU 19” with a capacity of up to two double card modules.


    • The RUB D1 is similar to H1 housing 1 RU 19” with a capacity of up to two double card modules
    • RUBIDIUM SERIES 1 is a modular system which offers flexibility to its users.
    • The D1 frame designed to house up to 2 modules in 1RU space including power supply and 8 digits display

    RUB D1


    • Hot Swappable rear loading modules.    
    • I/P & O/P connectors are a standard and part of the module.
    • There is a uniform front which offers a see-through window for four status LED's and cut-outs for 4 keys and an identification button for each module.
    • The controller status is available over TC_link (if an microprocessor based module - like all generator / inserter modules - is in the same frame) and the failure relay.      
    • All four versions of  RUB frames can be interconnected (via standard RLC connector, see reverse) with all other RUB housing formats and therefore enable easy data exchange between modules and easy upgrade options, for possible additionally required modules.


    • The fail signals are produced by a relay contact. Normally a contact closer indicates a breakdown or programmed failure occurance. 
    • The relays of all modules are in parallel operation. Each module and D1 housings are equipped with their own relay.
    • The slots of the frame only differ by their individual, hard wired address and each frame has a an ID address.
    • Modules can individually be configured (e.g. the time code and video modules, except the power supply modules), can be located by their addresses.
    • The PC connector (USB) at the rear of the frame provides an interface for the module configuration using Plura configuration software
    • Each module can be addressed and can receive a user selectable configuration.
  • Order Code

    Product ordering ID: RUB D1
    Module description 19", 1RU housing for up to 2 double card modules including power supply & 8 digits display
    RUBIDIUM series 1 Rackmount housing


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